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Commissions and Fees

At some point in the conversation between real estate agent and prospective client, the question will be asked, "So, how much do you charge?"  When you go to a restaurant, do you order the least expensive dish, regardless of whether it is what you want? When you buy a car, do you buy the least expensive car on the lot - even if it doesn't fit your needs?

We understand that the expense of selling your home is a big consideration, but we believe that when you are selecting a real estate agent to represent you in one of the largest financial transactions of your life, it is critical that you balance the costs you pay with the value you receive.

Let's look at commissions and fees when it is time for you to buy or sell a home in Denver or in Stapleton.

Selling your Home

In our case clients have asked if we charge "extra" based on all the services that we provide.  The answer to that question is, "No." We built our business based on service, and our commission is competitive with what other agents charge. We probably aren't the least expensive REALTORs you can find in the Denver area, but we believe that we provide tremendous value to our clients. By the way, we probably aren't the most expensive either!

If an agent quotes you a cut rate commission to sell your home, provides cut rate service, and isn't able to get your home sold, did you receive value? Even if you didn't pay them (since your house didn't sell), how much did you spend in time and energy preparing your home, leaving for showings, etc.? And do you STILL have to get it sold?

You can also try to sell your home on your own, without a REALTOR, but is that really in your best interest? LEARN MORE...

Recently, a lot of agents have been charging reduced commissions, but then adding on marketing fees, administrative fees, and transaction fees (sort of like baggage fees from the airlines). We don't do that. The only fees you pay us to sell your home are our commission - when your home sells. If you're thinking about selling your home in Denver or in Stapleton, contact us and let's talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Buying a Home

In almost every real estate transaction, the Buyer's Agent's commission is paid by the Seller's Agent from their total commission charged. Having a Buyer's Agent costs you nothing. You may believe that you can get a great deal by not having an agent, but what you are really saying is that it is okay for the Seller to have professional representation while you don't need someone on your side. If you went to court, and the other party had a team of lawyers, would you represent yourself?

When you are ready to buy a home in Stapleton or in Denver, let's talk about how we can help you and provide professional representation to you at no cost!

Buying a new construction home from a builder

Every day home buyers head off to new home builders' offices and model homes without a REALTOR representing them as a Buyer's Agent. Sure you can buy a home on your own, but aren't you giving up a lot if you don't use a REALTOR?

Before we talk about the advantages of having a REALTOR represent you when you purchase a new home from a builder, remember that this representation costs you nothing! According to the guidelines of the Denver Builder-Realty Council, builders can not offer incentives to buyers in exchange for not using a REALTOR. Builders pay the REALTOR's commission, and you get the benefits of representation!

LEARN MORE about why you should have a Buyer's Agent when working with a new home builder.