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Is Buying a Home the Right Move for YOU?

Are you tired of throwing away your hard earned money on rent and thinking that it's time to buy a home? Is now the right time? Let's consider a few factors that may weigh into your decision:


Building equity, and the tax benefits of home ownership

Deciding whether to rent of buy a home is a big decision, with many different factors to consider.  Buying a home can give you the opportunity to use your monthly payment to build equity, but if you buy in a declining market there is the chance that you will lose money (at least in the short term).   

Home ownership may provide significant tax benefits to you, as you may be able to deduct the interest you pay on your primary residence from your gross income on your income taxes.  Talk to a REALTOR or tax advisor for more information.

Here is a great calculator provided by the New York Times to help you understand the financial impact of buying vs renting.

Independence and "having your own place"

Many people view home ownership as a move towards independence.  You no longer have to rely on someone else to maintain your home, and you can personalize it as you wish.  Of course maintenance can also be a chore, but many people welcome the opportunity when they know they are doing it for themselves and not for someone else.  Home ownership also tends to help you develop a sense of stability and security in your life.

Flexibility: How stable is your lifestyle?

Some people view renting a home as providing extra flexibility to them in their life.  By renting you are not tied down to one place.  If your job may require moving to another city, renting allows you to pick up and move. If you are considering getting married or starting a family, owning a home may require additional considerations.

How are your finances?

Are you financially ready to buy a home? Do you have savings ready for a down payment? How's your credit? Read more here about preparing financially to buy a home.